One of the most popular activities in the Air Training Corps is shooting. Cadets are taught basic principles of marksmanship throughout their time as a cadet, for example, controlled breathing, resting positions etc.

1240253 10153261988865545 1267166250 nThe current initial rifle for many cadets is the No.8 0.22″ rimfire rifle that can trace its origins back to World War 2. Once this has been mastered, cadets can go on to fire a variant of the current standard British Armed Forces rifle, known as the L98A2 or the Cadet General Purpose rifle. The final and longest range rifle that the cadets operate is a 7.62mm target rifle, the L81A1, which is fired at ranges out to 600m.  There is also the chance to fire Air Rifles on indoor ranges which is a great way to quickly work on your shooting skills.

As cadets improve their accuracy they can progress though the Marksmanship awards.  The first of these is the Squadron Marksman.  If a good enough shot, you can go on to the Wing Marksman, the Region Marksman and finally the top award, the Corps Marksman.

shootingTo be able to go shooting, cadets first have to be trained on one of many training events that are held both within the Squadron and across the Wing.  The training is conducted by Officers, NCOs and CIs that are required to attend similar training sessions on a regular basis to ensure their standards are maintained at the highest level. This ensures that when the cadets come to shoot on the range they have the skills and knowledge to handle the weapon in a correct and safe manner.

The member of staff responsible for shooting is CI Robson, he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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